SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

sustainable development GOALS

ACCEA will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through environmentally friendly products and services.

What are the SDGs?

Social Contribution

ACCEA supports charitable organizations by providing free printed materials, novelties and cash donations to contribute to the realization of a healthy and prosperous society.

Save the Children sees children as subjects of rights, believes that children have power, and aims to bring out the inherent strength of children and work with them to realize a world in which all children can have dreams and hopes.

This is a residential facility for families accompanying their children for treatment.
We work to ease the financial and emotional burden of children suffering from incurable diseases and their families!

Shine On! Kids is dedicated to making life easier for children with cancer and other serious illnesses in Japan and their families.

Products & Services


NOALX™ can contribute to the following seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
NOALX™ is a PET-based media for indoor and outdoor signs and billboards.
The soft material can be rolled up for delivery, allowing more to be transported at a time and reducing the energy used in transportation, and it can be produced with less expensive and more environmentally friendly materials than traditional vinyl chloride output + aluminum composite signs and billboards.


LIMEX is an inorganic filler dispersion composite containing more than 50% inorganic materials such as calcium carbonate. Compared to regular paper, it uses very little water and wood.
LIMEX can contribute to the following eight UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

FSC®Forest Certification

FSC certification is a system established by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to ensure that products from well-managed forests with environmental, social and economic benefits reach consumers in a tangible way.

FSC certification is granted to organizations that demonstrate an appropriate management system within a clearly defined scope of certification, and only products managed under the certified management system can carry the FSC label as certified products.

By simply changing your business cards, flyers, posters and other printed materials to those with FSC® certified labels, you can communicate your concern for the environment.


With the recent trend of different working styles, the workspaces themselves are changing.
ACCEA offers ACCEA CAFÉ, a coworking space that anyone can use for as little as 15 minutes at a low cost.
It can be used as a workspace for telecommuting, free-addressing and other diverse work styles, and is also widely used as a space for office dispersal and online meetings in the Corona disaster.
ACCEA CAFÉ will continue to open new branches and contribute to the shift to more efficient and comfortable working styles for all business people.

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  • ・By opening many convenient workspaces, we reduce unnecessary transportation and contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents.
  • ・ACCEA CAFÉ is a non-smoking workplace. We contribute to the strengthening of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and promote the opening of non-smoking workplaces.
  • ・By providing new, location-independent workspaces, we enable people to break out of the traditional office-bound work style and work more efficiently.
  • ・We will continue to open workspaces that are affordable and fair for all.
  • ・Through the continuous opening of ACCEA CAFÉs, we aim to create environments where people can work in different locations, including residential areas, supporting good connections with urban areas.