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Print Sharing Business

Print orders submitted through e-commerce sites and the web are shared by Axair and its partner companies nationwide.
Printing is performed at the most appropriate location based on the order, such as press availability and specific characteristics of owned equipment, to achieve a fast and efficient ordering system.
This system allows for fast and efficient order fulfillment.

ACCEA Printing Services

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Space Sharing Business

This is a business that shares any available space as a rental meeting room or coworking space through a business SNS platform.
We provide the best space for business people with different work styles and lifestyles, while effectively utilizing space and underutilized assets.

ACCEA CAFE Telework Station

Coworking space ideal for telecommuting

ACCEA Meeting Room Rentals

Meeting rooms for rent near train stations in Tokyo and Osaka


Hot lava studio, self-service fitness

Application Development Business

We develop applications that allow users to easily design keychains, posters, and other items using their smartphones and submit them via the web, as well as business matching applications that connect business professionals and include features such as unattended reception at coworking spaces and QR payment.


Business matching & coworking space check-in


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tocoche App

Make the most popular stuffed animal keychains!